Untangled: How to Manage Your Cables and Wires

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So your new house is now completed, and you are placing finishing touches on it. One of the most important things that you must care about is its electrical wiring. You can contact people who specialize in electrical installation in Leicester for that. This will ensure that everything should work as they should and comply with safety standards.

Electrical wiring mostly happens within walls and other crevices and hidden places in the house. The visible stuff will be your electronic gadgets and appliances. These will be plugged into various outlets around your house. Now, these might not be enough for what you have. Each of your outlets can accept around two devices each. When you need more, you start using multi-plug adapters, power strips, or extensions. This can result in a mess of wires around the house. How can you clean these up? Cable management is the answer.

What Is Cable Management?

Cable management is cleaning up your wires and cables for aesthetic and safety reasons. Excess cables can be an eyesore and increase the risk of someone getting tangled or tripping over them. If you clean it up, your floor will look tidier and become a safer place to work on. 

Organizing your cables and wires can be a fun activity. This is where you can exercise your ability to visualize. For example, you can map out how the cables will be laid out so that you can easily tell which devices they are from. It is a creative endeavor where the end result is fulfilling.

The Cleanup

There are many ways you can approach cable management, and there are also many tools that you can use. The simplest approach is to minimize the tangle. Unplug everything first so that you can clean up the mess. Then when it’s time to put everything back together, plug them in a sequence that results in minimal obstruction. 

For example, you can arrange your devices going from left to right, and their cables would go into their sockets the same way. This will hopefully minimize cables going over or under each other.

What if there are more cables? In the living room, the center of attention for most is the TV. This is also where cable management skills become useful. Your TV setup has several cables hooked up behind it, and it may pose a bit of a challenge. Many just rely on them being hidden by a rack or cabinet. This eventually will collect dust and become a fire hazard. 

You might need to unplug everything every time you need to clean it. For this, you can use zip ties, electrical tape, or cable straps to hold them together. These work well for small sets of cables that go to one device, such as TVs, computers, and audio systems. If the rack or cabinet has places for it, you can anchor your wires around them so that they are not all on the floor. When cleaning time comes, you can just do a little bit of dusting on without undoing the cords. 

You may have thick cables and have no choice but to run them across the floor. This can trip anyone. It will cause harm to the person and the hardware it is coming from. You can hold them down using duct tape. Be generous with it. It has a strong adhesive and can blend well with the floor. You can walk over cables in a smoother fashion without worrying about unplugging them.

Managing your cables is taking care of you and your electronics. It’s not difficult to do, but it goes a long way. All it takes is a little bit of creativity, and you’re on your way to a cleaner and safer home.

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