Which Type of Air Conditioner Suits Your Needs?

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In many parts of the world, air-conditioning units are a must. While some countries have naturally cold weather throughout the year, a lot of countries experience heat waves several times a year. For one thing, living in a country with a hot climate is not a joke – even if you live near beaches and riversides.

That is why having an air-conditioning unit is essential to many households and establishment owners all over the world. But if you are also looking for one, there are HVAC units in Salt Lake City. But before that, you need to know the different types of units available on the market and which one suits your needs.

As mentioned, you can find different types of air-conditioning units. The popular ones include the following:


This is one of the most famous air-conditioning unit types on the market today. You will immediately know if a house has an air-conditioning unit inside, even if you are outdoors. As the name suggests, this type of air conditioner is mounted in a window. Some drill off a part of the wall and then install the unit. Window-type air-conditioning units are more suitable for smaller rooms.


Unlike window types, split-type air conditioners are more substantial and can cool bigger rooms. It consists of multiple parts. One is the condenser unit that is installed outside the building. The other one is the evaporative or blower unit, which is the more familiar appliance you see on the upper wall area. Due to its cooling capacity and size, this one is more expensive than window types.

split type air conditioner

Portable air conditioner

As you might already know, this type of air-conditioning unit can be transported anywhere. It is also an affordable and practical option for those who want to cool a small room. There are some units wherein you need to put ice to make the unit work. Nonetheless, this is perhaps among the favorites of many households.

“Swamp” coolers

The usual air conditioners use a refrigerant or Freon to cool down a room. On the other hand, swamp air conditioners use only water and air for it to work. The science behind it is that the air cools when it passes above the water, making the room cooler. It is also more energy-efficient than other types of air-conditioning units. However, it might only work in areas that are dry and hot.

Geothermal coolers

This one is a recent addition to the air conditioner industry. It is also energy-efficient and sustainable in the long run. Geothermal air conditioners use ground temperature to cool your home more efficiently. This one is often used in European countries such as Sweden and Switzerland.

In the end, these are only some of the popular types of air-conditioning units on the market today. You should remember that the right cooling unit will depend on your budget and cooling needs. Choose wisely! If you need more suggestions, seek the advice of an expert. You can also find more reliable sources online.

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